Hot Springs Village 50th Anniversary
1970 - 2020

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We are excited about your involvement in the 50th anniversary celebration and scheduling is going on now for 2020.  


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  The 50th Anniversary Planning Committee was chartered to plan and coordinate activities in celebration of Hot Springs Village's 50th Anniversary -- which falls on April 20, 2020.   But an event of that magnitude deserves far more than a 24 hour celebration.   For that reason, the Committee will be orchestrating a year-long, community-wide celebration. 

The new 50th Anniversary Celebration logo says it best: "Proud Past and Strong Future".   All of Hot Springs Village will be invited to attend this year-long ‘party’, to acknowledge how far we have come, and all that we have to offer. 

HSV’s Churches, Clubs, Businesses and other Organizations will make it a year to remember. Every community event, every entertainment venue, and every POA-sponsored activity will serve as a testament to a 50 year legacy – and point the way to the next 50 years.

Hot Springs Village is the greatest and largest private, gated community in the country.   So, Welcome to the party!

 **** JANUARY **** 


 **** FEBRUARY **** 


****** MARCH ******

 Name of Event: TBD

Description of Event: Largest purse in HSV history - $1,000 for winning team. Combination of Trivia, Jeopardy, Family Feud. Tables/teams of up to 10 players
each will receive a welcome gift at their seat. Each table will be eligible for one player to win a bottle of wine.

Date(s): March 12, 2020

Contact Name: Marcy G. Mermel

Phone Number: 312-925-2020


Name of Event: TITLE TBD

Description of Event: 2020 Celebrates the 35 year of the chartering of the Republican Women's Club and the 50th Birthday Year of HSV.
Date(s): March 30, 2020
Contact Name: Sarah Yerkes

Phone Number: 847-477-1896



******** APRIL ********


 ********* MAY *********

Name of Event: HSV Symphony Guild Dinner Dance

Description of Event: Celebrating 50 years of Hot Springs Village. Coronado Center. Cocktails 5-6, Dinner- 6-7 and dancing to the Hot Springs Village Big Band 7-9 PM. Dress is Cocktail attire and the cost is $50 per person. Ticket purchases will be through the Symphony Guild.

Date(s): Saturday May 16, 2020 

Contact Name: Stacey Lloyd

Phone Number: 501-922-1976



 ******** JUNE ******** 


Name of Event: Flag Day Celebration

Date(s): June 14, 2020

Description of Event: Christ Lutheran Church will be doing a patriotic music program . Following the program will be serving hots dogs and root beer floats.

Contact Name: Sandy Knoke

Phone Number: 712-730-1750



******** JULY *******


 ***** AUGUST ***** 


 *** SEPTEMBER *** 


**** OCTOBER **** 


 *** NOVEMBER *** 


 *** DECEMBER ***