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50th anniversary Events

      The 50th Anniversary Planning Committee was chartered to plan and coordinate activities in celebration of Hot Springs Village's 50th Anniversary -- which falls on April 20, 2020.   An event of this magnitude deserves far more than a 24-hour celebration.   For that reason, the Committee will be orchestrating a year-long, community-wide celebration. 

     The new 50th Anniversary Celebration logo says it best: "Proud Past and Strong Future".   All of Hot Springs Village is invited to attend this year-long party, to acknowledge how far we have come and all that we have to offer. 

     Our  churches, clubs, businesses and other organizations will make it a year to remember. Every community event, every entertainment venue, and every POA-sponsored activity will serve as a testament to a 50 year legacy – and point the way to the next 50 years.

     Many events have been postponed due to regulations regarding COVID-19.  However, stay in touch with the Property Owners Association x for updated calendar events.

Hot Springs Village is the greatest and largest private gated community in the country.  

     Welcome to the party! 


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